migration and distribution center in Shanxi? There's another story

There must be 51 counties in Shanxi Province, including 29 counties under the jurisdiction of Pingyang Prefecture.

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The question is: Why should we choose Hongdong Sophora japonica as the migration and distribution center in Shanxi? There's another story.

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a grand Guangji Temple in Jia Village, Erhuali, north of Hongdong City. Near the temple, there is a locust tree, which has a number of hectares of shade, and the carriage and horse Avenue passes under the shade of the tree. Old sandpipers (commonly known as crows) on the Fenhe River beach build nests in trees, scattered and magnificent. Because Hongdong at that time relied on the ancient post road, Beitong Youyan, Qilu in the east, Qinshu in the south, Helong in the west, and the broad temple in Guangji, it was easy for the government to set up bureaus and to assemble immigrants. Thus, the Ming Dynasty government set up a bureau in Guangji Temple to deal with immigration. Under the great locust tree, it became a gathering place for immigrants.

At the beginning of the immigration of the great locust tree, the Ming government issued a notice in the three Jin Dynasty: "Those who do not want to migrate will gather under the big locust tree at Guangji Temple in Hongdong and arrive within three days. May migrants wait at home." News spread everywhere. People from northern, central and southern Shanxi came with their families and children. Within three days, hundreds of thousands of people gathered under the great locust tree. At this time, a large number of officers and soldiers arrived and surrounded the unarmed people tightly. Officials declared, "The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty ordered all those who came under the great locust tree to move away!" Say that, the officers and soldiers fiercely first young and middle-aged, forced registration, forced vouchers, family by family, tied back, ropes tied, hundreds of thousands of people in the knife forced rod drinking, swallowing hatred, embarked on the road of migration. It is said that the government also adopted coercive measures among the later major immigrants.

Another legend is that in the early Ming Dynasty, Hongdong County, Shanxi Province, was overcrowded and was also suffering from famine. The food was eaten up, but none of them died of hunger. All of them were old locust trees in TOEFL. The old Chinese locust tree has seven or eight thick branches and luxuriant leaves. It looks like a big umbrella standing on the ground from a distance. In autumn, people from far and near come to gather locust beans under the old locust tree in groups every day. Strange to say, no matter whether you come early or late, you can only pick up one bowl of soybean every day. No one wants to pick up more.

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